Samsung SHP-DH538 Fire Rated Digital Lock Specification

Authentication Methods:

Pass code
Physical key
  • Fingerprint Unlocking
  • Keypad Unlocking
  • Mechanical Overriding Key
  • Random Security Code
  • Anti-Theft Setup
  • Volume Control
  • Fire Warning
  • 9v Battery Backup
  • Automatic Locking
  • Double Locking Authentication
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Tested and achieved fire rating of 60 mins
  • Tested and Conformed to SS 332:2018+A1:2022
  • Cyclic tested up to 100,000 times
Brand Samsung
Access Mode Fingerprint, Password, Mechanical Key
Available Colors Copper / Dark Brown
Fingerprint Upto 100 Fingerprint
User Password Upto 100
Master Password 1
User Password Upto 100
User-Friendly Interface no
Double Verification PIN + Fingerprint
Intrusion Prevention Yes
Out-body Dimension (W x H x D)mm 81.8(W) X 320(H) X 66.8(D)mm
In-body Dimension (W x H x D)mm 79(W) X 290(H) X 80.3(D)mm
Applicable Door Thickness (mm) 40-80 mm
Door to Gate Allowance (mm) 75 mm
Clearance From Door Edge (mm) 120 mm
Power DC 6 V (AA Alkaline batteries) x 8
Battery Life Approximately 12 months (Average 10 times per day)
Warranty 2 Years

Digital convenience meets life-saving performance. Our fire rated locks upgrade your space with key less style and security. But when temperatures surge, their heavy-duty components and mechanisms are rigged to prevent fire from damaging or unlocking the latch from the door, the major role of this fire rated lock is resisting fire for a longer period and giving us an alert when a fire or smoke occurs nearby.

So, when crisis strikes, they’ll safeguard your access or lock down, allowing escape or limiting damage without fail. We advise you not to take advantage on cheap priced or uncertified locks that that might risk lives, rather come explore our fire-resistant, certified and tested digital locks – as it can bring the future of home safety within reach.


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