Authentication Methods:

Pass code
RFID tags
Physical key

Philips Easykey 9300 IoT Smart Door Digital Lock

Enjoy the extreme convenience brought by instinctive fingerprint verification, fully automatic switch and infrared sensor. Link with IoT gateway and smart door viewer makes security assured at your fingertips.

Technical Features:


Safety Fake PIN code, Outside forced lock, Dual verification
Mortise Full auto mortise, C-grade lock cylinder
Locking System lock, Indoor deadlock
Alarming Anti-prying alarm, Outside forced-lock alarm
Indicator light Low battery indication, Lock status indication, Mute status indication, System lock indication, Outside forced-lock indication, Indoor infrared unlocking indication, Open/Close infrared unlocking indication
Handle Push-pull handle
Fingerprint sensor Semiconductor
Main material Zinc alloy, Tempered glass
Finishing Electroplating
Color Black, Copper
Ergonomic design Push-pull opening
Emergency Escape Indoor fast opening mortise
Fingerprint 100
Card 100
Master PIN code 1
User PIN code 10
One-time PIN code 1
Operation Mode Manual mode, Auto mode
System setup mode Normal mode, Dual verification mode
Battery type Alkaline battery
Power Supply 4 AA batteries
Maximum battery capacity 8
Working voltage 4.5-6V
Service time 10 months
Emergency power 5V power bank
Door thickness 38-60 mm, 60-90 mm
Door opening direction Left-in Left-out, Right-in Right-out
Door type Wooden/Copper/ Security doors
Multi lock points N
Warranty 3 Years
Fire Testing Fire Rated Tested to SS 332:2018+A1:2022 (Cyclic tested up to 100,000 times)
Fire Rating Tested and Achieved a fire rating of 30 mins

Digital convenience meets life-saving performance. Our fire rated locks upgrade your space with key less style and security. But when temperatures surge, their heavy-duty components and mechanisms are rigged to prevent fire from damaging or unlocking the latch from the door, the major role of this fire rated lock is resisting fire for a longer period and giving us an alert when a fire or smoke occurs nearby.

So, when crisis strikes, they’ll safeguard your access or lock down, allowing escape or limiting damage without fail. We advise you not to take advantage on cheap priced or uncertified locks that that might risk lives, rather come explore our fire-resistant, certified and tested digital locks – as it can bring the future of home safety within reach.


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